As we leave south initially to take in one of Dunnottar Castle one the most iconic landmarks on the east coast of Scotland on this fast-moving trip. You will be given a history of the castle and legends that surround it.

As we turn north, Stonehaven bay opens out towards Garron point and the Highland boundary fault line. We have a brief stop here before continuing our journey taking old fishing harbours such as Newtonhill where boats are dragged up the beach to keep them safe from the harsh North Sea swells. We will have passed an impressive sea stack called Tilly Tennant as the land scape changes from the “pudding stone” rocks further south into the metaphoric lava and giant caves that can be spotted easily from the sea.

Wildlife is patchier here, but dolphins are regularly seen with the occasional minke whale if conditions are right.
Further north we pass Findon Ness where the original “finnan” haddock was first smoked. 4Brothers eats up the miles smoothly, quietly and quickly we can view the new deep-water harbour at Nigg bay, being built to accommodate the worlds largest cruise ships. From the sea you get the scale of the project, from rock being delivered by the ship load to the giant network of concrete shapes to make this enormous man-made spit of land forming a brand-new quayside. Aberdeen will welcome these modern-day liners next year.

As we head towards the original Aberdeen, we hope to be greeted by the resident pod of dolphins which patrol the headland towards Torry battery. Our view of “trumps wind turbines” will be uninterrupted and you can get the true scale of how Aberdeen’s future in energy is changing.

Turning south 4 brothers will stretch its legs and an exhilarating ride a bit further offshore awaits with us heading towards a small castle in Muchalls bay before making course to head home.

This trip is uniquely different to our southern trips and is meant to let you see our diverse coastline and the bigger mammals that inhabit our coastal waters. As always on our trips our guides will explain the history and some of the fisherman’s tales that surround the area.

Duration:  2hrs approx.

Cost: £45 per adult / £35 concession

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Currently unavailable. Boat tours resume in Spring 2021.