Our 2021 season has ended. See you in Spring 2022!


To avoid disappointment, our Covid-19 policy and terms and conditions of entry should be read prior to booking any tickets. Refunds cannot be given due to any passengers failing to meet the minimum safety requirements contained within our terms and conditions.

Covid-19 Policy

If any of our customers start to feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms we ask you not to leave your accommodation to join us. We will ask one member of the party to sign a declaration confirming that no-one in the group is experiencing any covid-19 symptoms.

The Booking Process

Whenever possible we will encourage our customers to pay in advance, either via our online booking system or over the telephone. If this is not possible, we have a card machine on the pier. Payment by cash is still accepted if necessary.

Customer Arrival

We ask that you park your vehicle in the public car park or park on the pier, but spaces are limited. – this ensures you and your vehicle are kept safe and clear from other visitors and residents.

When getting in and out of your car please ensure there is a 2m distance between you and others. Please wait in your car until others have passed if necessary.

Measures we are taking to keep our team and customers safe

• At our trailer we will have fully sanitised all surfaces prior to re-opening and have created an ongoing cleaning / sanitising routine checklist.
• Hand sanitiser is available for any passenger to use.
• The credit card machine will be sanitised after each use.
• If you have already paid, we ask that only one member of your group comes forward to confirm your parties booking.
• Our trailer has been positioned at the end of the pier close to the boats to reduce any casual “mingling” with members of the public.
• Our crew member will welcome you at the government guideline safe distance measure and direct you to your “kit up zone” which will be separate from any other group who may be kitting up at the same time.
• Each group will have an allocated box in which you will find your lifejackets. The lifejackets will have been sanitised as advised by the lifejacketassociation.org.
• The crew member will demonstrate for you how to put on your lifejacket and how to check it is correctly fitted – at a distance.
• During the boarding process we will ensure each group (if more than one group) is kept at the government guideline safe distance measure. We will allocate your seats before boarding and each group will be seated to ensure safe distance guidelines are followed.
• The skipper will have cleaned/sanitised all relevant areas of the boat prior to bringing the boat alongside.
• The skipper will explain the boarding process – the skipper will be there to assist if needed and during this time the skipper will be wearing face protection and gloves.

**Remember it is not possible to carry out or guarantee complete disinfection, the goal is to minimize risk**

Measures we ask you to adhere to

To ensure we protect our local community, our team and you, our customers, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following procedures when you join us here:

• Stonehaven is a popular seaside resort which can get very busy. Some residents are potentially vulnerable so we ask that our customers ensure they follow the government’s social distancing rules whilst here and please be aware that many residents and other harbours will be about, we respectfully ask that due care is taken in regards to driving speed.
• We ask that you park your vehicle in a responsible place.
• At this time, we will not be providing you with waterproofs, so we ask that you ensure you are wearing enough layers to be out on the open RIB. Our standard guidance is to wear what you think you need and add another layer. It is always a lot colder out on the water than it is on land. You can always take something off if you get too hot, consider bringing gloves and a hat. In addition, we will be supplying free disposable ponchos which are one-use which we will recycle on your return.
• We ask that all members of the group wear face coverings at a minimum during the boarding and disembarkation times, also if the boat is sitting stopped. Sorry, no face covering will result in no trip. Due to possible loss of facemasks, we ask that “buff style face coverings are used to prevent accidental pollution” We have these available as an option when you book, or we have a supply on the pier.
• We ask that all members of the group wear gloves during the boarding and disembarkation times – we can provide nitrile gloves if necessary.
• Once the tour is over and you have disembarked, we ask that you return to the kitting up trailer, your “kit box” will be waiting for you – we ask that all lifejackets are returned to your box so they can be cleaned, sanitised, and stored following the guidelines from lifejacketassociation.org.

We welcome any constructive feedback. This is new to us, but we are trying to keep everyone safe but still be able to enjoy our wonderful coastline and wildlife.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Stonehaven Sea Safari will only allow entry onto the vessel 4 Brothers to those passengers who agree to the Terms and Conditions as set out below:

All Tours are undertaken at the sole discretion of the 4 Brothers skipper. The skipper’s decision is final.

A full safety briefing will be given before each trip and all passengers must comply with the skipper’s instructions.

All passengers undertake the trip at their own risk.

Stonehaven Sea Safari holds full third party insurance for all passengers, but this does not cover any personal belongings.

Safety whilst at sea is paramount and all passengers must wear the supplied life jacket. Waterproof suits and safety glasses are available as an option. Passengers must wear sensible footwear.

No two voyages are the same and sightings of wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

Departure times are provided to passengers as guidance only. Sailing times may alter due to tidal or weather conditions and passengers will be informed if there is a delay in departure or return to harbour.

Passengers appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed onto the boat. In such circumstances, the passengers will forfeit their right to a refund.

Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated: if prior to departure, the offender will be barred from the trip: if at sea, the offender will be returned to the harbour. The offender will forfeit their rights to a refund

All passengers must be able to get themselves up and down steps unaided.

4 Brothers Stairs

We advise that our trips are not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

People with disabilities must be capable of managing steps, independently sitting, maintaining balance and understanding instruction as necessary. Wheelchairs and walking aids cannot be taken on board. Refer to Photos

One adult per child under 10 years. For all passengers to be seated safely, and therefore be accepted as a passenger, a minimum inside leg measurement of 21 inches is required.

4 Brothers Safety

Height 60 cm / Depth 50 cm

Cancellation & Refunds

Tours may be cancelled or altered at any time and without warning due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical breakdown of any part of the vessel’s equipment which could constitute a risk to the lives of passengers and crew.

Where a trip is cut short as a result of bad weather or breakdown and such trip has run for less than 50% of the scheduled time, a refund or a voucher for a complimentary trip will be offered, depending upon the customers' wishes.

Any refunds of payments made by credit card will be refunded electronically back to the same account within 7 (seven) days of the cancellation. Refunds of monies paid by cheque or cash will be refunded by company cheque within 7 (seven) days of the cancellation.
If a trip is cancelled due to poor weather or insufficient numbers, we will provide a full refund.

If you wish to cancel your booking, we will issue a full refund if we receive more than 48 hours’ notice.

With less than 48 hours’ notice, we reserve the right not to refund.

If you miss or are late for departure, no refund will be given.

What’s required of all passengers?

All passengers must be able to sit in a straddle position with the balls of both feet on the deck.

Wearing a Life jacket is compulsory.

Hold on tight.

Support your own body weight to counteract any sudden movement.

Be able to climb the harbour ladder (4 Brothers Seaside Supper only).

DO NOT stand up unless requested to by skipper or crew member.

Pay attention to instructions.

If in the unlikely circumstance you end up in the sea, please DO NOT swim towards the boat: stay still and the boat will come to you.

What to expect

Potential defecation from wildlife.

You may get wet.

Some people may find these trips exhilarating and some may experience an adrenalin rush.

All passengers to arrive 20 mins prior to the trip time to get protective clothes on and sign paperwork.

All of us here at Stonehaven Sea Safari look forward to welcoming you onboard.